Raymond Mill Application


    Raymond mill mainly composed of electrical machine, analyzer, fun, whirlwind powder collector, pipeline and so on. Among main unit composed of frame, roller, motor and so on. Auxiliary equipment are jaw crusher, bucket elevator, electro-vibrating feeder and so on, customer can choose freely.


    Raymond Mill has vertical structure: small footprint, complete and strong, from raw materials to finished powder sub block form up an independent production system.


    Raymond Mill has Finished powder granularity: because of this, So through the screening rate reached as high as 99%, it is difficult to have other milling equipment.


    Raymond Mill has Transmission adopts sealed gear box and belt wheel: because of the special structure design, make the machine transmission smooth, reliable operation.


    The important parts of Raymond Mill are made of high quality steel: wear resistant parts are made of high performance of wear resistant material, the whole machine, high wear resistance, reliable operation.

Raymond Mill News

Raymond Mill has Electrical system adopts centralized control: adopt the advanced electric control, mill shop basically no work can be realized, and the repair is convenient.